At Home With Dirk Nowitzki: Dallas Celebrity Real Estate Playoffs

March 13, 2008. I had heard rumblings that a very tall German basketball player whose name rhymes with “whiskey” had bought a five-bedroom, six bath Colonial-revival property gigunda prop on Strait Lane, a.k.a. Billionaires Row, with very tall ceilings — I mean, tall! — for just under $8 million.

Then I got confirmation: Dave Perry-Miller was the listing agent for the massive 9,215 square foot home with 3-car garage, tennis court, swimming pool, and of course, a basketball hoop or two. And Dirk Nowitzki was the buyer.

Then I found out that Dirk’s new purchase was actually the home of the  parents of one Michael Gruber, aka, Grubes, aka, the board op for BaD radio on The Ticket. The radio hosts teased Grubes about it for a whole radio radio segment. The Michael’s mom, Diane Gruber, went on to actually work for Dave Perry-Miller and became a real estate agent — does that say something about an agent that a client actually comes to work for him?

Dirk’s house is not on the market, and these are photos from the MLS when it was so the interiors may be a bit different. Doubt he’ll ever sell because (a) he likes it and (b) he is only 6 minutes away from one of Mark Cuban’s houses down there on Hollow Way — the 23,676 one built in 1997 by Shariff-Munir on 6.83 acres with four or six garages, I forgot. Too many. This home makes Troy’s look rather small, actually, but is close enough that Dirk can jog on over.

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