What the Second Home World Needs: Super Duper Strong Toilets

When you have a second home, the whole point is to enjoy it and not be concerned about constant maintenance or pesky things like clogged toilets. Take a cue from those who are flush with experience: those low-flow toilets are a real pain in the rear. I know, they save water, but when you have to flush six to eight times to get things, ah, moving, or when you clog the commode countless times, how much water are you really saving?

Loews Hotels knows. You can only imagine how the hotel industry suffers with hundreds of rooms of low-flow commodes and a constant flow of guests. No wonder Loews Hotels is on a mission to end clogged commodes. Apparently, clogged toilets are enough of a problem at hotels that Loews is installing high-tech commodes capable of flushing 10 golf balls down the chute at once.  Talk about eliminating a problem. What commodes did they install? Champion 4, made by American Standard, a toilet so powerful it can supposedly flush 18 golf balls, 38 rubber tubes, 16 water wigglers and 40 feet of tissue without getting clogged.

Now that’s what I call a super toilet!

My favorite, of course, is the Toto Neorest, which pampers your bottom, but it is much more expensive than the American Standard: Neorests can run well over $3000 — that’s one expensive can! The Champion is about $235.