Dallas Real Estate News, Super Bowl XLV Rentals: DFW House Porn’s Finest Hour

It’s the Steelers versus Green Bay! This is a guest post from my Arlington, Texas correspondent and fellow House Porn lover John Burgdorf: Superbowl XLV comes to town soon and Arlington will be filled with Pit and cheese fans needing beautiful homes, sexy homes. John did some research to bring us the best. Hurry, Steeler and Green Bay fans are trolling the Internet as we speak! These won’t last long:

I have a friend who lives in a 7,500 sq. foot home about 10 miles away from Cowboys stadium. His home is located inside a prestigious gated community and is perfect for corporate and executive visitors. He is pondering, like many of us out here in Arlington: shall I rent out my house for Super Bowl XLV and make a killing?

If he does choose to rent out his house, he will need to collect all valuable and important possessions throughout the house and take them to a storage or safe keeping. Couches, beds, kitchen supplies, and other household items will be left in the home for the visitors. This may seem like a hassle, right? Well…

I asked him, “So you would want people you don’t know sleeping in YOUR bed?!”. He replied, “John, I have been told corporates and executives would pay a minimum $10,000 a day to rent out my home: I could just go buy a new bed!”

(But what if it’s a Duxiana?)

Should my friend get cold house feet, there are more homes to choose. There is a stunning 9,000 sq. foot Normandy Mansion in Colleyville, Texas that will rent up to $10,000 a day. That’s a pretty penny for one day, but imagine if the home were closer to the stadium; the price per day would skyrocket!

In order to rent out your home, of course, you must feel comfortable with outsiders living inside your estate for several days. But remember…it is a BIG payoff in the end.

I did a little research and found some of the priciest Super Bowl rentals in north Texas. Here are just a few samples to whet your appetite:

This homes comes with the use of a Bentley.

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